Inspection Services

Offering top-to-bottom home and building inspections, as well as environmental and material testing, and 3D Building Mapping.

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Home Inspections and Other Services

Our residential home inspections consist of a comprehensive analysis of property conditions. This includes assessment of home safety and structural integrity by a certified inspector. Your customized report will include written and photographic information about all home inspection findings.

3D Building Mapping

Our 3D building mapping involves an exhaustive survey of building structures using Matterport technology. This includes the creation of a detailed three-dimensional model that accurately represents architectural designs, structural layouts, and potential structural anomalies. Delivered by a trained professional, your personalized 3D model will incorporate graphical data and high-resolution imagery to provide an all-encompassing view of the building. Each aspect of the building is meticulously mapped, offering invaluable insights into the building’s condition and potential areas of concern.

Our inspections are guided by the InterNACHI Home Inspection Standards of Practice.

Evidence and Data

Gather photos, material samples, and measurements, with careful attention to detail.

Analysis and Testing

Review lab test results and other measurements to assess the safety and integrity of the property.

Detailed Reporting

Customize a comprehensive report detailing the material and structural condition of the home.

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